Writers Block or Bloggers Block

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.
– Terry Pratchett

There is truth in that.

If you are passionate enough about your subject matter, you may never run out of things to say.

I’ve been blogging about blogging since 1999. We called it “online journaling” and self-publishing back then, long before the word “weblog” became “blog.” You’d think I’d get bored, tired of it, and lose interest, but I’m still going in 2013 with more years ahead of me on the subject.

Terry Pratchett has published over 40 books in the Discworld fantasy series. He published the first book in 1983 and recently published a new one, making him the number three most successful author in the UK just behind Harry Potter author, JK Rowling.

Writer’s block, or blogger’s block, is a head game we play with ourselves. If you keep an inventory of ideas, if you keep up the passion for your subject, you will never run out of things to write about. If you do, do what author Orson Scott Card did with his famous Ender’s Game series and sequels. Come at it from a new direction and perspective.

Just remember, if you are truly passionate about your subject matter, blogger’s block will never be an issue. Blog your passion.

One comment on “Writers Block or Bloggers Block”

  1. Hear hear! Such a simple statement of advice, eloquently made.

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