Be Unique

When it comes to blogging tips, “be unique” should be easy.

It’s not.

The term blog echo chamber was created to explain the reblogging, sharing, and redundancies as people shared the same links, content, and stories across the web.

Water cooler content is content with a viral effect. That viral effect is exciting and precious, and everyone wants to be the first to say “did you hear about…”

With the urge to share, how do you maintain your unique style and presentation?

By giving people more.

Why are you sharing this information?

What is it about this article, video, photograph, saying, event, that touched you.

As I write this, I’m listening to “Smooth Criminal” by 2Cellos. They’ve taken the Michael Jackson hit song and turned it into a dramatic masterpiece, just two guys in a room with two cellos and nothing else.

They’ve created something unique and powerful, the sensation of a full orchestra with only two duplicate instruments.

It is intense, phenomenal, and unique – a unique perspective on a well-known hit song.

Make your voice be the same, changing it from an echo to a passionate performance.

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