Blogging Isn’t All About Passion

In “Blogging With Passion Alone Will Take You Nowhere – Part 1” by WeBlogBetter, they said:

Blogging is not as easy as it looks. Do you know why? This is because blogging is the toughest recipe that ought to be cooked with many ingredients.

Wondering why I am comparing blogs to cookery? Both are tedious, yet if you master the tactics then you can surely do it with ease. Many people say blogging and cookery is all about passion.

Well the bitter truth is quite opposite to it. I don’t know as much about cooking (ya, I’m not good at it) as of blogging, but it’s NOT all about passion.

When I mentioned not all about passion you must notice the word ‘all’. By the phrase in the heading I mean blogging is about passion, but having only passion will take you nowhere.

Passion is like petrol to an automobile, salt to a dish, and kiss to a relationship. Yeah it is the driving force but it is not the only force you need.

We have read many stories from ace bloggers that passion is what took them to greater heights in the blogosphere but none of them would have achieved these heights with this alone. There are other factors that influence your blogging business.

The author, Jane, is right, and goes on to explain that passion is the “key to the Treasure Island but you must solve the clues in order to unveil the treasure in the first place.”

As she points out, passion is not a skill, but it is the driving force that pushes you in the direction to make your dreams come true.

Passion will only get you so far. Hard work and understanding how the game is played will get you further.

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