Are You a Fast Blogger or Thoughtful Blogger

In the early days of blogging there was a lot of competition to be the first to get the news out there. To share the information about X,Y, and Z to as many people as possible.

I wanted to be first, sure I did. Wouldn’t you? Don’t you?

It didn’t take long to realize that being first came with a price – a cost, really.

I wrote about this in Blog Writing: You Can Get It Fast, Good, or Cheap on the Blog Herald and quoted a sign on a guitar-maker’s shop.

You can get it fast, good, or cheap. Not all three.

I didn’t do “first” well. I did fourth, fifth, or even twelfth, better.

My best blogging is not reactive.

It is thoughtful.

I look at what others have said. I process their information. I think about it for a while, consider the sides of the story, and then I write about it – after I put it through the filter to see if the information would appeal to my readers.

Maybe you are a good fast blogger. Few are. I leave fast blogging to the journalists among us, those focused on the speed not the value of the content they deliver.

Me, I’ll stick with the rest of the thoughtful bloggers.

Which one are you?

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