Honor and Grief

Today the world mourns one of our heroes in the Entertainment industry, a person who literally changed the world with one character played for three years in the 1960s, and in the never-ending Star Trek franchise for decades after, a character that came to represent the courageous, disenfranchised outcasts of our world and beyond. Even in the end, in the reboot Star Trek movies by J.J. Abrams, the character of Spock continued to represent the victims, survivors, outsiders, and brave spirits of today.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

As people around the world pay tribute to the amazing person and talent of Leonard Nimoy, I’d like to talk about how blogs around the world spring up daily to honor and grieve those whom have left this world too soon.

Such sites are tributes to individuals, families, and memorials. They serve to help people honor the lives lived, and the losses felt.

Many such sites serve to help the authors grieve and move through the process no matter how long it takes, often helping others in the process.

My humble tutorial here is not meant to be callous to those who start grief or memorial blog. It is designed to serve as a guide for starting one.

The Memorial Blog

The memorial blog is designed to honor an individual or group of people in death. There are many ways to do this through biographies, photographs, and stories.

Such a site is typically short-lived and static, serving as a virtual memorial marker telling the world that this person is too important to forget, and we shall not forget. Such sites are generally static in nature, using Pages to welcome the visitor and introduce the person and purpose of the site, a Page for biography, Pages for important accomplishments, image galleries, and other important information, plus a contact Page to allow friends and relatives to contact the family or host of the site.

One or more of the Pages will typically feature open comments for people to leave comments like a guest book. Many will set the site to have comments moderated or require a login before commenting to protect the site from spam.

Occasionally a memorial blog will be in blog format, covering a wide range of stories, tales, and photographs as the author pays tribute to the person.

The Grief Blog

A grief blog may be setup by someone grieving from an individual or group loss, and typically explores their grieving process rather than honoring a specific individual. The content might honor the deceased person, but the focus of the site’s content is on the survivor(s).

This site is typically presented in blog format, the content displayed in reverse chronological order, the most recent on top, or features a static front page and separate blog area for posts.

The categories of the post represent the topics covered by the author such as Recovering from Loss, The Grieving Process, When Someone Dies (what you need to know articles), Living Alone, etc.. Each site is different as is the grieving process.

The site may feature Pages with biographies, galleries, and other information including a Contact Page to help people connect and share their experience if desired.

When the Blog Ends

Humans are resilient and the grieving process moves on to a point when keeping such a site up is no longer an active part of a life. Energies are put elsewhere and interest wanes.

To end such a site, you may write a closing post and publish it, or leave a message on the front page or in the sidebar in a text widget, or just leave it stand as it is.

Should you leave a message that you’ve moved on? That’s up to you. Be appreciative to those who stood by you during the process and careful with close friends and family members that still may be grieving.

Ensure the site is either on WordPress.com or the domain and web hosting is paid for over a number of years to preserve the site, especially a memorial site. If you wish to move the site onto WordPress.com, simply export the content from the self-hosted site and import it into WordPress.com. Choose an appropriate WordPress Theme, customize it, and it will last indefinitely.

To Those Grieving

To those who are currently grieving and blogging, thank you. Thank you for sharing your loss, courage, and strength with us even on days when you think there is nothing left inside of you. You give us faith in the human spirit, and your words help us know that we are not alone. Grief should be a shared experience. Thank you for sharing.

And to all of us, live long and prosper.

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