You Always Return to Your Passion

By: Lorelle VanFossen

Feb 01 2015

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Category: Passion

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Just like the blossoms on the trees returning every Spring, so do we return to our passion over and over again, consciously and unconsciously. It is like a magnet, drawing us back to it. It’s pull is irresistible.

Sitting with a friend in a park a few years ago, sharing a moment of peace among the blossoming trees, she said, “I just can’t get this idea out of my head.”

“Then it’s time to share it so the weight is carried.”

She thought about that for a while as we watched a young child chase the blossoms falling like gentle snow flakes from the trees in the light breeze. “It started when I was a teenager…”

Slowly she poured the story out, of being told that her idea had no value, it would never make money, no one believing in her, losing faith not only in the idea but herself along the way. “But it won’t let go of me.”

“I don’t think you can let go of it.”

“I’m fifty years old. I can’t do anything about it now.”

“If it is still a worm in your ear, it will be there for a lifetime. Why aren’t you listening now?”

The peace was shattered by a skate boarder rattling through the park, whizzing by us, shirt tails flutter behind.

“It won’t let go of me until I do something about it, will it?”

That’s what passion is. We either listen to it and take action now or it will keep nagging us. Don’t let years go by. Listen to yourself. Listen to the voice inside of you begging you to pay attention. Your passion needs you, just as a child, kitten, puppy, or garden needs your attention to help it grow.

Blog your passion now.

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