Frozen Trust

The berry branch was locked in ice, frozen solid.

A trip to the Midwest taught me more lessons about what extreme cold can and does do, locking nature down in layers upon layers of ice and snow, trapped until the warmth of the sun releases it to grow anew.

As I looked at the ice-covered branch and berries, I thought of all the cliches associated with such an image and blogging.

Writer’s block, or as we call it, Blogger’s Block. Procrastination stopping you from moving forward. Going nowhere. Stuck in a rut. Doing the same old same old. SSDD.

I wanted to go deeper.

For me, nature frozen for the winter is hope. I know that the cycles of the earth will move forward, on and on throughout time. They always have, they always will. The earth spins, the trade winds blow, and the seasons come and go.

Hope. Renewal. Faith. Determination. Trust.

I see these things in a frozen branch.

I also see patience. The wait for the right time. The rest before the growth spurt. Saving energy. Resting. Yes, patience.

I’m an impatient blogger. I’m an impatient person all around. I believe that my main lesson this time around is to learn patience.

This branch is another life lesson for me.

Trust that waiting is a good thing. To all in their own time. Yes. That’s the way to think.

Trust myself. Trust my instincts. Trust that I will know when the time is right. Trust that waiting brings great hope and energy, if I just wait and trust.

One comment on “Frozen Trust”

  1. Love the concept. Resistance is purely a psychological ideation, yet it breeds lack of motivation and development. As writers, we spend too much time analysing and not enough time simply letting go 🙂

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