Winter Writing

Winter is my most productive time. I thrive in cold temperatures. Always have.

Winter glues me to my desk. Time spent outdoors and traveling is reduced, and productivity increases.

My best work is done when the skies are dark for most of the day and the temperatures drop near or below freezing. My least productive time of the year is summer. Fingers swell in the heat and humidity, everything hurts, I’m too hot, can’t think, and can’t focus. I live for the cooler temperatures of the year.

When fall moves in, I start saying no to commitments that take me away from income producing and creative work. I start being stingy about my time, setting appointments with myself to work on my craft on a schedule. I clear out hard drives, back everything up thoroughly, and prepare my work space for maximum creativity and productivity.

By November, my work area is alive with projects, books, printed pages, knitting, fabric, glue, colored paper, yarn, tape, hard drives, thumb drives, USB cables – the tools of my crafts.

We all have our seasons of maximum creativity. In a perfect world, it would be year around, but some of us need seasons to let our creative spirits thrive.

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