Take a Walk with a Friend

It was cold outside but my heart wasn’t in my blog.

I bundled up and went for a walk. I sought the snow covered woods for solitude, peace of mind, gentleness of my spirit. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts, pinging around in the casing of my skull.

I couldn’t concentrate. I looked here, there, and watched my breath turn to fog crystals in the freezing temperatures. There would be no peace here. Just the sound of my feet crunching the fine crust of the snow.

I turned to find that I wasn’t alone. My outdoor cat, DJ, had braved the cold to walk behind me along the snow covered road. He walked by me, then stopped and turned back as if to say, “Well, are you coming or not?”

I trudged after him and followed him through the twisting road through my forest, pausing as he investigated something under a fern or in the frozen grasses.

At the turn where the road points towards civilization, he turned around and I followed him back to my office. We brushed off the snow and entered the warm building. He curled up in the chair near the heater and I sat down at my desk.

Within seconds, my fingers were furiously pounding away at the keyboard, story spilling over my fingers into the computer.

This semi-feral little cat had distracted me away from myself, giving my creativity a chance to find a foothold again.

Walk alone when you can, but when you really need, take a walk with a friend.

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