In the Shadows Beauty Lies

A new blogger told me that she didn’t want anyone to find her site.

“I just want to blog in the shadows.”

Curious as to why anyone would blog, put their words out for the world to read, and not wish them to be found, I dug deeper. After much interrogation and discussion, this is what she revealed to me, a great wisdom for someone so young.

“I just want to connect with people like me. I don’t want the world to find me, just those who need me. I need them.”

One comment on “In the Shadows Beauty Lies”

  1. Deep down, we all need to love, to understand and to be understood. I find blogging brings closeness to people – like-minded ones whom you know are always there somewhere. Once you find them, you understand the euphoric moment – everything just clicks. It goes with Lorelle’s Dig Deeper idea – if you dig deeper, being honest, you’ll find the ones you mutually need.

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