How Deep is Your Perspective?

My neighbor is building his new home down below our property on a piece of forested land overlooking the valley below. I went down to check out the construction and found that the front window of the guest bedroom aligned perfectly with the sliding glass door of the office at the back of the house, creating a frame within frame of the view beyond.

It’s sad that a wall will go up between these two windows.

As I stood there admiring the view, I realized that I spend much of my time looking out windows but only seeing the view from the window, not the view beyond the walls. If the walls were not there, what would I see?

When I blog, I challenge myself to see beyond the surface, through the walls and beyond.

It’s not about telling the story. It’s about the moral, the purpose, the story behind the story that drives the story forward and deep into our hearts and memories.

Next time you blog, go deeper. Look beyond the surface points and perspective. What really lies behind the story you are telling and sharing?

3 comments on “How Deep is Your Perspective?”

  1. You make a good point, Lorelle. Tomorrow morning I’m going to sit down and write a post about fortune cookies. Now you have me thinking: After I consider the interesting stories about the origin of fortune cookies and the fact that the Chinese in China have never heard of them, I still need to go deeper. I’ll sleep on it.

  2. Go deeper – Lorelle you encapsulates the idea so well with just 2 words. You’ve done this throughout all you tutorials and musings. Thank you for your constant inspiration.

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