When Does the Selling Stop and the Ownership Begin

Years ago I was working with a sales person who couldn’t stop selling. Every minute of her life was sell, sell, sell. She lived for the sell.

Once day I looked at her with as much compassion as I could and asked her, “When do you let people buy?”

She stopped and stared at me. “What?”

“Every minute you are fighting for the sale, selling with everything you have. When do you stop selling and just let people buy?”

“Buying is about selling.”

“No. Selling is about selling. Selling is about influencing a decision. Selling is about making that decision. Once the decision is made, the shopper becomes a buyer and the selling stops.”

“It never stops.”

“It stops. Too much selling can reverse a sale. If all you are doing is selling, you don’t help people move from shopper to owner. It is an important transition.”

A few weeks later she came by for a visit and told me that I was right. She’d been over-selling, not only her products but herself. “The moment I started to add buying room to my sales, my sales increased.”

“You gave them room to not only make a decision but keep it.”

Are you over-selling on your site? Is it all about the sale, about the selling, advertising, marketing…do you leave room for the shopper to buy? To help them transition to owner?

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