Where Are You? We Are Here.

Do you ever just want to jump up and down on your blog and shout to the world, “Here! Look here! I’m here! Come here! Look at me!”

When we were little, we’d shout at friends and family, “Look at me, look at me!” We didn’t think it was bragging or showing off. We didn’t get embarrassed. We didn’t think, “Oh, what will they think if they see this.” We just wanted to be seen. Be visible.

Why is it so hard to do the same now that we are adults?

Marketing your blog means telling the world it exists and bragging about all the great things you publish and share on your site. In other words, if you want to be found, you have to be findable.

It begins with being visible. Next is to tell the world to look. Third is to be proud that someone is looking, then gracious. Never forget gracious.

Be brave and shout, “You’re here. I’m there. Come visit me. Good things be found here.”

Photography by Brent VanFossen, Street signs on streets of Japan

2 comments on “Where Are You? We Are Here.”

  1. Lorelle you have taught us how to be visible, findable, with strategies (good blogging techniques, and blogging correctly stuff!) and also writing with a purpose. I think your idea of purpose + passion, with techniques (including some challenging blogging concepts) make you stand out as a rounded, well-respected teacher. You’re patient and thorough in your tutorials, but sometimes you also show your temper! When Lorelle gets cross, she always has a reason too. For all the guidance you’ve given me and thousands of others, I’m forever grateful (and always come back for more!)

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