Stepping on the Details

I want to live and work in a world where details matter.

It is part of my job as an educator, trainer, and web publisher to pay attention to the details. Successful content is based upon fixing the details that annoy readers, the purveyors of our ideas and concepts on the web. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, images with crooked horizon lines or distracting elements, a graphic that doesn’t connect with the rest of the web page…all the little details in and around us matter. They send messages, obvious and subliminal.

I teach my students in college that WordPress is spelled with a capital P and failure to do so in assignments may result in a failure. Why? People notice when WordPress is spelled with a lowercase P and they judge the writer and find them lacking. I explain that when it comes to web code and programming, a semi-colon, a comma, a bracket, apostrophe, the smallest detail can break code. Companies want to hire people who understand the power of the detail, who know details matter. Failure to pay attention to the details can cost millions.

Along the sidewalk in Japan is a metal brick with directions to landmarks and transportation hubs. It’s a small thing, something stepped on daily and ignored by most, but for those lost, such a detail is a life saver, a chance to be found.

As you blog and develop your site, what details are you overlooking? What details should you add to help the reader find their way better?

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