Does Motion Only Mean Going Forward?

Does motion only mean going forward?

Sometimes looking back improves your forward motion?

When we moved into our trailer to hit the road full-time, our lives were about cleaning everything out and eliminating the excess baggage of our lives. Sixteen years on the road, we buy a house, and the law of empty space takes over and five years later, our house is full of excess baggage. I feel like we’ve moved backwards instead of forward.

I feel that way on my sites for myself and my clients. Trends come and go, and return, and leave us again. I often of think of Chanel, the clothing and perfume fashion designer. Her goal was to create timeless clothing, attire for women that was both professional and classic, fashion that withstood the ups and downs of the never-ending cycle of trends. I like developing sites like that, and encouraging my students and clients to do the same.

Take time to stop and look back as a means to find a renewed commitment on forward motion, but keep moving forward, and do so with some timeless style.

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