What is the Outlook Out Your Window on the World?

Exploring the Pittock Mansion, the view out the main bedroom window upstairs looks out over Mt. Hood along the horizon, the city of Portland, Oregon, below. What a view to greet every morning and say good night to each evening.

I stood there and thought about the residents who gazed upon this profound scenic daily. Did it inspire them? Did it motivate them? Did it change their view of the world, their involvement in society, as part of what they viewed out their window?

What is the outlook out your window on the world?

Living in a recreational vehicle for many years, it was a thrill to have the view change on a regular basis outside of my office window. My internal environment would remain the same, only the view would change.

This view out my window changed me. I saw a world bigger than me, one wider and grander than it would have been if it was the same view every day. I saw landscapes that haunt me today. I saw people pass by that still dance around me in my dreams.

What is the view out your window, physical or mental? How does it change you? How does it influence your blogging? Does it make you blog better?

If not, get a new view on the world outside your window.

Let the view out your window inspire and motivate you, enrich your life and experiences. Let it help you blog better.

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