You’ve Been Right All Along

Is it the vision of your future or the past that keeps you blogging?

I believe that we are right all the time, even when we are wrong. The wrongness of the moment was right for us at the time.

Like the lamps in the photograph accompanying this article, the concept of right guides us through life like a light in a storm. Our need to be right, even wrong at the right moment, is part of our journey.

Each time you hit publish, you are telling the world that at this moment, this very second, I’m right about this subject. I’ve stated the facts as I know them, assumptions and all. In this moment, I’m right.

When the universe, and your readers, tell you otherwise, you will change that right naturally, organically corrected.

That experience, that humbling moment, is another right for you. You needed that experience or you wouldn’t have invited it into your life.

Trust your rights – even when they are wrong.

You’ve been right all along. Why change now?

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