Radical, Activist, Heretic, Visionary, and Queer

The sign on the street advertising the bookstore read:

Laughing Horse Books

Resources for Radicals, Activists, Queers, Heretics, Visionaries, and More

Do you fit into any of those labels?

I looked at the sign for a long time and realized that this definition summed up bloggers I respected. While not casting specific labels, most bloggers are radicals, activists, heretics, visionaries, and more – queer thinkers.

An ideal bookstore for bloggers.

As a blogger, we seek labels to describe us. We define ourselves by our topics.

What if we included one of these words as part of our definition?

Radical blogger on organic gardening. Visionary blogger on US/China politics. Activist blogger for raising children to be wiser than we were. A blogging heretic in favor of public transportation. Queer thinker on the global economy.

These words change the intensity and the meaning of the subject matter and the passion in which it is pursued. They add character, excitement.

These words challenge. They challenge the thinker and the recipient of those thoughts.

How would you describe yourself using radical, activist, heretic, visionary, and even queer?

2 comments on “Radical, Activist, Heretic, Visionary, and Queer”

  1. Using punchy words attract attention, but if you don’t commit to the aim, these powerful words become empty words, and even laughable. If you are not careful, using passionate words as such could make one look stupid and pretentious, like a marketing ploy. Would an understatement work in a powerful blog?

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