Is Your Blog Your Resume?

Is your blog your resume?

If yes, let it speak well of you.

Many people start blogging, find their passion and their voice, and it takes off. They become “someone.” They develop a fan-base, a community of passionate followers and supporters.

That person’s blog is not just their resume, it is a job. It is their path towards success and attention.

If someone was going to hire you or choose to work with you, they will use your site to represent yourself and your abilities. It shows them what you are capable of in your work and professionalism. It is your portfolio.

Does it speak well of your abilities?

If you never work again, think of your blog as your reputation builder and keeper. Let the rumors fly where they will, let you be the source of the facts.

Blog well for that self.

2 comments on “Is Your Blog Your Resume?”

  1. Blogging differentiates you from other people, it tells others who you are!! And it’s true it’s more of a reputation builder, your portfolio!!

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