You Always Come Back to Your Passion

“I blog about too many things to narrow them down to one or two.”

This is true for everyone starting out. Everything is fascinating. Everything is worth sharing.

As you keep blogging, the “everything” fascination will begin to hone itself. You will become more selective.

You will become more attentive to the needs of your readers.

You will make wiser choices.

You will find your blogging will return back to your passion no matter what you do.

When you have six to eighteen months of frequent blogging and sharing on social media, preferably daily, take a moment to reflect.

If you have been using tags and categories correctly, they will speak loudly for the subject matter that interests you.

Reward yourself by diving deeper into the one to three topics that scream out to everyone else that this is what interests you most.

Listen to yourself. You will always tell yourself the truth, and come back to your passion if you are paying attention.

One comment on “You Always Come Back to Your Passion”

  1. I love this various layers of pink and crimson. Sweet dews on the petals too.

    Some people may ask, why being “attentive to the needs of your readers” is the priority, and why not ‘me’?

    I like the concept of making choices. I recently switched to some slightly expensive concentrated aloe vera shampoo. I only need to use a small amount each time, and it should nourish my dry hair better after swimming, so I gather it’s a wise choice. And, I was convinced that the aloe vera is natural and it should work, before placing my order. I need to trust my choice or I’d feel stupid for believing the advert.

    Finding that passion and having faith in exploring the topics — the torment comes from uncertainties and self-doubt during the thinking process. When a doctor confirms the disease one has, it will be easier for the patient and family to cope with the diagnosis, be it cancer or not. Once a decision is made, it possibly would be easier to be faithful to that passion, and go for it, and run for it, like Mo Farah. “He’s a hell of a runner.”

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