Do You Have to Rule Your Blog?

“If you want to be professional, act professional.”

We’ve all heard this truth, and it is true. Change the words to a noun and job title you wish to become and make it a truth for yourself.

“If you want to be a blogger, blog.” “If you want to be a doctor, act like a doctor.”

In other words, do the things you need to become what it is that you want.

On your site, if you wish to become the expert on your subject matter, be it. Live it. Blog it. Own it.

If you want your blog to be your babble, babble.

It’s up to you to make your site be whatever you wish it to become.

You rule your blog.

Rule well.

5 comments on “Do You Have to Rule Your Blog?”

  1. I love this! I’ve always said, “Fake it ’til you make it”

    • I think that the fake it saying is a good one, but I like being more specific. “Act as if you are what you want to be” does not mean you pretend to be something you are not. It means you start behaving, making the right decisions, that put you on the course to become that thing. It’s a course corrector, so to speak.

      Thank you!

  2. Ah — this sound like…you’re talking to me? The condition is, “If you want to be…” Some people are sharp — they have a clear idea and write a focused blog, and perhaps they have explored an idea long enough to establish a focused blog, and they find their niche. Every time when I find a dedicated blog, such as this one, A Thousand Quilted Cranes, I’m speechless. “How would someone come up with something so simple/excellent/unique that I haven’t?”

    However, in my wandering months, I didn’t find that dynamics or focus until quite recently. It took me a lot of energy to gather the force. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write, but it was far from finding my focus, my voice. Perhaps it has to do with a blogger’s personality and psychology. If someone is timid, scared, he may not come out so forcefully to want to ‘own’ his platform. He may just want to test his environment, to feel what’s around him, to feel if he is wanted.

    A new blogger may want to please, as he is lost when he starts blogging. He sees what other people are doing, and he follows them around. WordPress asks everyone to be a busy bee. A new blogger picks up some blogging tips — socialising, leaving comments, liking bloggers, sharing jokes, networking — and keeps himself busy socialising, but sometimes he ends up in a noisy pub, but he hates noise and smoke.

    I think to live, to blog, to own is a process, and it never happens easily to some bloggers. I wish I started off with a clear direction. Now my mind is a bit clearer, I understand your powerful statement much better. It’s an ultimate goal, isn’t it?

    • Thank you.

      Of course I was talking to YOU and only you. 😀

      You are right that most people traveled a long path with blogging and social media before they found the ground under their feet, and their focus.

      You have come a long way, my friend, and you have further to go. I love watching your journey.

  3. Great insight! I like to think I rule my blog nicely…

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