Find a Resting Spot

By: Lorelle VanFossen

Jun 18 2013

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX AW100

Winter is a powerful force in nature. While it brings “weather” to an area, it is also a time for nature to rest, to wait out the flurry and fury of the cold dark of the season.

Plants pull back down into their root system, storing up energy for the welcome warmth of spring to renew their experience above ground. Layers of snow and ice compact in the mountains to melt and provide the necessary humidity and irrigation to help the plants revive.

Many creatures including humans pull back into their huts and caves to wait for the time to pass. They, too, rest and store up energy for the coming time of motion.

Every blogger needs to find a resting spot, too, a place to recharge and refresh their creative spirits. Some find solace, others require chaos. To each their own, but it must be a spot that brings rest and a chance to prepare for the future.

When we shut down our minds or are distracted from the day-to-day, creativity finds healing and renewal. It too needs rest in order to prepare for the next time it is needed.

Where is your resting spot? Would you recognize it if you found it?

We all need one, even bloggers.

Photograph copyright Brent VanFossen

2 comments on “Find a Resting Spot”

  1. My current resting place is my craft table. Make a thing or two, and come back to my computer. I’ve made quite a few things with my resting time. Both writing and playing with paper involve quite the same concentration — both involve following certain rules to achieve completion (not necessarily perfection). Calming and relaxing. Thank you.

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