Keep the Faith

By: Lorelle VanFossen

Jun 12 2013

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It takes courage to hit the publish button. Within a split second, your words, images, thoughts, beliefs, policies, lessons – you are exposed to the world on your site. Honor that courage.

“Keeping the faith” is not about religion. It is about the promises you make to yourself and others. The promises to be the best you can be, to be truthful to thine self and others, and to be consistent with your moral, professional, and personal standards.

People love consistency. They like things happening on a regular schedule.

They also like to have their expectations met – consistently. Faithfully.

If you are a funny blogger, telling funny stories and providing non-stop laughter and joy, take care in risking that consistency by turning morbid and morose. Treat a change in behavior and mood like spices in food. A little bit goes a long way.

It’s wonderful to surprise people, to shake things up once in a while, but keep it special. That’s what defines special.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities to have your say fairly and consistently on your site. Passion will ebb and flow. That’s the nature of it. Keep working at it.

The world favors persistence.

2 comments on “Keep the Faith”

  1. My reply may not be relevant to the topic of consistency, but it is linked to ‘faith’.

    Regarding the concept of faith, interestingly, Girls Guides and Brownies in the UK no longer have to pledge “to love my God”.

    BBC News – God vow dropped from Girlguiding UK promise.

    Girls will now promise to “be true to myself and develop my beliefs”, and “to serve the Queen and my community”. The change has upset many people.

    ‘Personal beliefs’ stand out in this change.

    On Honouring the Courage: the idea of courage does not come to mindless bloggers. Only bloggers with an awareness of the purpose of writing would develop a sense of respect to themselves and their potential readers, and they would need that courage. Should I call these bloggers ‘respectable’ or ‘conscientious’, in a sense that they value their platform, they respect the language they use and their topics? For mindless bloggers, there is nothing to honour, only their own self indulgence. When responsible writing turns into faith, it becomes part of life, and it turns into a job, a duty — because consistency comes from hard work.

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