Everything Old is New Again

Walking through Costco, I spotted the display of DVD and Blue Ray movies and was startled. It’s 2013 and the movies on display, presumably the movies in demand right now, include Funny Girl from 1968, Roots from 1977, Doctor Zhivago from 1965, and others from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Right next to these were television series from the past such as West Wing and I Love Lucy.

There are now thousands of movies to choose from, hundreds of them released every year since the 1930s. Include international film releases, television movies, television shows…the number is astronomical.

With all of these movies to choose from the past, and the ones in the more recent past published in the past year, why these? Is it human nature to cling to the past while embracing the future?

Talking about this with a friend last night, I said, “I thought retro would be out of fashion by the end of the 70s. It’s 30 years later and everything old is new again again.”

There is nothing wrong with living or honoring the past. Blogs are great institutions for examining the past, for exploring the very old to the more recently aged. They are our modern journals, our moments to pause and reflect on what happened, what came before us, how it changed us, and how we move forward into our future.

Take a moment to look into your past. Near or far, it doesn’t matter. What moments do you carry with you still? Share the story of your history, a movie you watch time and gain in your own head.

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