See Beyond the Stars

As I wrote “Exploring the Alignment of the Planets in the Night Sky,” my mind kept going out beyond the stars I was seeing on my mobile apps and computer programs, seeing beyond Alpha Centauri to the depth of space where the Voyager space probes are making their way.

My mind turns often back through history, watching humans repeat behaviors and decisions throughout history in the micro and the macro, and my head whips around equally to consider the future. That future must project out into space. It must. We are adventurous spirits. We must explore. We must learn. That is in our nature and what brought us out of the trees.

While I want that future now, I’m left with my imagination and the imagination of others in books and blogs, creative spirits who reach their minds out past the self-imposed barriers and fuss over the endangerment to human life to risk their lives in space just because it is there.

As you blog, push your mind beyond your own limitations. What lies ahead in your future? Is it a journey to the stars or beyond?

We all live in our a universe of our own making. Define yours then push its boundaries out to explore beyond it. You never know where your path will lead when you step off the trail.

And blog it well. There is nothing better about exploring than sharing the tales of adventure.

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