Blog Until You Get Paid or Restart

Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for.
Mark Twain

This used to be true. Today, it is blog until someone offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, change topics and start fresh, improving from the lessons learned over those three years.

Keep blogging. There is room for everyone here.

3 comments on “Blog Until You Get Paid or Restart”

  1. Lorelle, this can’t be true – blog until someone offers to pay you. In what sense? Have I misunderstood you? Is this post aiming at a specific group of bloggers, who blog to sell books or their sexy underwear?

    However, you are true that a switch is good. I started afresh after nearly four years in another blog. I knew that following an uninspiring route was a dead-end. I’m pleased I restarted a new journey and somehow fell into your spell.

    • It is a metaphor. Blog until income is generated. If it isn’t working, time to rethink what you are doing.

      Many publish one or two posts then think it is time to monetize the site. Too soon. If you are doing it right, building an audience, building content, building community, networking, attending conferences on your subject, you become an expert on the subject, thus of value to others.

      Mark Twain meant that creating an income producing career means working at it, not talking about it. If you keep trying and failing, do something different. You don’t have to start over. But you have to do it differently.

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