Bloggers are Historians

The writer may very well serve a movement of history as its mouthpiece, but he cannot of course create it.
Karl Marx

I find that bloggers are today’s journalists. Not in the sense of news reporters but as diarists. The record keepers of our current civilization.

Every day people around the world document their day-to-day lives, the mundane, urbane, and extraordinary.

Together, our voices represent the future as well as the past, the past that will be uncovered in the future.

Do we create the future as bloggers? Do our words move and motivate individuals and nations?

On this I disagree with Marx. The pen, and blog, is indeed mightier than the sword.

4 comments on “Bloggers are Historians”

  1. after reading many history books I have often wondered about bloggings place in history. Recently I finished the biography of John Adams which was built in many parts around letters to his friends, fellow politicians, and family members. Will our short handed emails the records for the future? will blogs be considered to be scholarly works? I can imagine some poor schmuck in the future studying my trashy ramblings.

    • So many people were much more social than we are today, we forget. And we forget the importance of the letter writing and journals that preserved their notes, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. They tell us much about who we are and how we lived.

      • Much of the history of the American Revolution would have been lost without writing. Those men and women knew they were making history and preserved their letters and journals so that we can reflect back on a period in time that arguably changed the world.

  2. Absolutely. Well said. I think we should spend more time reflecting back on what changed the world and reading the old diaries and journals of those who came before us. Much to learn – and relearn – about what we are doing today. Thanks!

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