Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is something I’ve done all my life but I didn’t have a word for it until a couple years ago.

Mind mapping is the process of using visual graphics to chart ideas, brainstorms, concepts, and find all the ways they connect and relate together.

Mind mapping is a great way to plan your blog.

You can use it to develop the structure and basic organization of your content, establishing the static Pages you need to create as resources and references, and the categories and tags which hold your content.

You can use it to develop the design, connecting all the content organization and navigation.

You can also use it to create content, working one idea off another to find articles series, new article ideas, and collate what you wish to publish on your site.

I think of mind mapping as following the branching of a tree. It starts with a strong trunk, the core purpose and mission, then branches out on solid branches, the categories, which branch out into tags, the smaller collections of topical content, and the leaves represent all the content on the site.

Remember that as you map out your site, it grows like a tree. Some branches will thicken and grow strong, supporting related topics. Others with wither with disinterest and lack of enthusiasm.

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