Ideas Run Dry

What do you do when the well runs dry?

A blog must be fed. How often you feed it is up to you, but when the well of ideas runs dry, what next?

If you are truly passionate about your blog subject matter, rarely will that enthusiasm wane, but occasionally it does. I recommend that before it does you have a game plan in place in response.

Take a walk. Go outside. Feel the wind or heat on your face. Look around at nature or the junk gathering on the sidewalk.

Look at the people walking by if there are any. What are their stories? What do you think is going on in their heads? Are they having trouble getting their creative juices flowing, too?

Close your eyes. Block out all thoughts. I’ve yet to do it but I have hope that you can do it. Just push each one away until they stop coming, then sit in peace and silence for a few moments. Then let a thought drift in. What does it tell you?

Dance a little. It doesn’t have to be attention-getting, just bouncing on your toes, roll back on your heels, shift your hips around a little. Snap your fingers. Feel a rhythm from somewhere outside of you.

Do something you wouldn’t normally do. If you run, walk. If you walk, run a few steps. Run some more. What does that feel like? If you are a shopper, go out for 30 minutes to stores and don’t buy anything. If you never buy things, buy something, even a pack of gum. Do the alternative of what is in your nature.

Call a friend. Don’t tell them you are out of fresh ideas, ask them about their day or their life and just listen. Shut up. Let their words fill your head and shove your words out of your head.

Breath. We all have time to just breath. Breath quietly or noisily but breath deep and repetitively. That’s a good thing to do. 😀

By the time you bring yourself back to your blog, you should feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to rock those ideas again.

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