Copycatting is Not New

Most authors steal their works, or buy.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

Plagiarism today is just as relevant as it was in the 1600s.

I’m always startled by people who know they would be kicked out of school or possibly fired from their jobs if they copied the work of others and claimed it as their own or used it to their own devices, yet they freely and willingly (and unwittingly) take online content and make it their own.

Use your own moral conscious and code, but I recommend focusing on creating your own original content.

Learn your rights regarding copyright, protect your copyrights, and become an original voice in the echo chamber of rampant plagiarism. While you are at it, check out more of the brilliant work of my copyright hero, Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today.

One comment on “Copycatting is Not New”

  1. Agree completely. Beautifully put.

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