What is the Future You See for Your Blog?

Many years ago, I was involved in a self-improvement program designed to strip you down and build you back up again. At a very “down” point, we were asked to do a deep mediation visualizing ourselves at sixty or seventy years old.

I didn’t like what I saw.

I saw an old lady, fat, cold, gray, and lonely. Incredible loneliness. The stomach-aching kind. The room was dark, no light anywhere, and the face before me was pasty white with deep frown lines. Years of anger and resentment embedded in that ugly face framed by steely gray.

From that moment forward I was determined to not be that person in my future vision. Why? Because at the rate I was going, that was my true future.

Today, I’m surrounded by friends, the kind of friends you can pick up the phone and say “I need you” and they will be there, even if they have to fly around the world. I have friends who have stood by me, with me, and even against me, for the betterment of me, growing stronger together than apart.

I went looking for others determined to live life to the fullest, who don’t know the word “lonely” as a bad word, and found them.

We make jokes and plans about buying property and building or investing in a small apartment building to house all of us old ladies and our ragged husbands trailing along with us as we race around in ribbon and glitter decorated wheel chairs and walkers.

As I slowly get older, that vision is now a lost memory with no energy behind it to permit its manifestation.

As you look at what is possible in the future for your blog, what do you see? Do you see it cold and lonely? Ignored?

Then that is where you are heading. Change direction now.

What will it take to create a blog full of energy and life and good company?

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