If You Could Do It All Over Again, Would You Erase or Fix?

In May 2010 I admitted to the world that I needed to go back and erase my old posts.

I want to send so many articles through the thrasher and separate the wheat from the chaff, I feel like a blog basher.

I stopped myself from hitting the edit button on those posts and realized this is a good sign. Honor the moment. While I realized that editing old posts is really another excuse to stop generating new content, for me it was something profound. Something seriously more.

Once I remembered that lesson from past urge-to-purge moments, I realized this wasn’t really an excuse but an attempt to get back into the flow of things again. This was indeed a good sign. Cleaning house means making room for new. Cleaning up the old content means I’m back into the flow of producing new, starting to regenerate old ideas and find new ones to share with you.

I faced this challenge with a lot of frustration and angst. This is more than just cleaning up grammar and punctuation – though everything I write could use a little of that. This is about fixing the gateways to my site and finding the creative spirit again that had me publishing content on this and other blogs every single day of the year for years.

Think of your blog posts as doors people enter to visit your home – your virtual home. Clean up the garbage, but realize that one person’s garbage is another’s treasures, which is why GoodWill and the Salvation Army continues to thrive.

Respect your work of the past, learn from it, grow through it, and clean it up if it needs cleaning.

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