What Happens When You Derail Your Blog?

In “Taking Your Blog Off Topic,” I ask what happens when you take your blog off track and publish an off topic post? It’s important you understand the consequences before you derail your site.

You are a living person and life happens. Sometimes going off-topic to share important life events is part of helping the reader get to know you better, and maybe build a stronger relationship. I remember the day when Robert Scoble of Scobleizer went from being the dude who worked for Microsoft and had free range to bitch about them to rock star blogger. His mother had gone into the hospital and it was clear that there was no hope. Frustrated and angry with everything, doctors, hospital, family, rules, regulations, combined with the sudden loss of his mother, he blogged about it, moving completely away from Microsoft and computer technology to something highly personal, and to some, very private. Like thousands, I was so touched by his humility and personal struggle, I blogged about it, as did others, creating a viral wave of support for him, reaching far out beyond his fan-base and increasing his exposure. While he was well known before, this, in my opinion, pushed him visibly into a new arena. He never abused that gift, and he continues to set an example for integrity, yet he’s an example of how taking off the mask may benefit you and your audience by letting them into your real life beyond the blog.

…Remember, an off topic post can actually generate a lot of energy and spice things up. It gives you a chance to try something different with little risk, and it might reach out and touch readers that have been on the fence in the past.

The key is to take your blog off topic is a way that adds, not subtracts.

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