Let Guest Bloggers Speak Well For Your Blog

In “Managing Multiple Authors: Managing Writers in a Multiple Author Blog,” I talk about the challenges associated with blogging with multiple contributors and make this statement:

In this series on managing multiple bloggers in WordPress, I want to now focus on the content, specifically managing the editorial voice and purpose of a site with multiple bloggers.

There is a huge caveat to this topic. Every blog is unique, as are all the voices within it. It is often that uniqueness that brings a multiple author blog to the attention of their community.

In no way is anything I’m about to say to detract from that uniqueness. These are not rules or regulations, merely standards and guidelines based upon decades of experience. If they aren’t inline with your editorial policies, great. If your editorial policies are going offline, maybe these will help. Either way, it’s your blog, your way. Never forget that.

Managing multiple authors is not like offering some guest blogging spots on your blog. I’ve written plenty on the art of guest blogging and it’s very different from managing a consistent team of contributors. Managing guest bloggers is herding cats. Managing a contributors team is managing employees, people who work for you as well as with you. Guest bloggers represent themselves on your blog. Contributors represent your blog on your blog, as well as off.

If you introduce a guest blogger or contributor to your site, help them speak well for you and your site. Help them do their best, because their best becomes your best.

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