Self-Check Your Blogging Efforts

The process of blogging seems unending and fast-paced. Stop once in a while to do a little self-check, a little self-maintenance on your blogging styles, techniques, and content.

As we write on the web, on our blog, on our social media platforms, we evolve. We are learning how to do it better and better by testing the waters. Does this work? How about presenting it this way? No? This?

In order to learn from the process, from your successes as well as your failures, pause and do a self-diagnostic. How are you doing? What is really working? What isn’t? How can you do this better?

Then ask the most important question. How can you do this faster and more efficiently so you can spend more time living and less time glued to the computer?

Without contact with the real world, our blogging becomes stale and lifeless.

Stay in touch.

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