Your Comment is a Mini Resume. Let It Speak Well of You.

Just remember who said it first and meant it.

Your Comment is a Mini Resume

Your comments on this blog, and many others, are published with your name and blog URL on them, if you include them. When people click your name, they visit your blog. Your comments are little representatives of you and your blog.

Make every comment you make to be a mini resume or sales pitch to encourage people to click and visit. Make sure there is something on your blog that makes their visit worthwhile and makes them want to hang around and read more. And since your URL will take people away from my blog, make sure your comment and blog reflects well on me. By leaving your comment on my blog, in a very round-about way, I’m speaking well of you.😉 Consider it a mini-letter of recommendation.

So if every comment you make links back to you, shouldn’t it speak well of you?

Source: How NOT to Comment on Comments

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