Advice on Blogging Can Come From How Not to Blog

In “How Not to Blog in a Blogathon Blog,” I explained how not to blog in a competition format, helping bloggers learn how to blog better. The information still holds true today, whether blogging or publishing via social networks (micro-blogging).

The true purpose behind the Blogathon is to shed positive light on blogs and to raise money for worthy causes. It’s also a chance for people to leave behind their normal blogging babble and share stories, tell tales, and talk about whatever they want, including their charity, which is a passion for many.

A deeper value of participation in the Blogathon is to attract attention to your blog, build an audience, and keep it. Personally, I found few blogs which engaged me, and now they have me as a fan just because of their participation in the Blogathon.

These are the characteristics I found held true with every Blogathon blogger I stumbled upon who were blogging well for their charity and themselves:

  • Good writing skills.
  • Focused intent and purpose.
  • Storytelling abilities.
  • Strong giving and sharing abilities.
  • Passionate.
  • Aware of their audience.
  • Aware of the world around them.
  • Concerned for the world around them.
  • Committed, determined, and promise keepers.
  • Clear that their words matter. Distracting graphics, gimmicks, bells, and whistles don’t.

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