Content Curation: Adding Value to the Blog Echo Chamber

The concept of “Content Curation” continues to be a popular topic. Do you know what it is?

Alister Cameron explains it well, as computers and humans creating collaborative intelligence:

I think it’s pretty simple. It’s about organizing information. It’s all the extra intelligence that’s wrapped around raw information that makes it accessible, findable (is that a word), and meaningful to the right people at the right time.

It could be said that most journalists are really content curators. They don’t usually write, so much as they organize and represent raw information from elsewhere, in a form that’s better packages, timely and more meaningful to their specific readership.

Many bloggers do that. I’m one of those bloggers. I cover blogging and social media on this blog, but most of the time I’m doing a fine enough job if all I do is act as a filter for my readers, in helping them to get to the good stuff out there. And I do that by “editorializing” around the raw content I find out there… cutting bits out of it here and there, rewording it, explaining the context, making an argument around it, etc. That’s curation!

As the curator of your own content, the intelligence wrapped around the information you provide, does that change how you blog?

Before you hit publish the next time, stop and ask yourself if you are explaining the content, making an argument for it, adding your own intelligence to the content.

If not, it’s not too late to add value for your readers and fans.

Celebrate the information you are sharing with others by adding your own voice.

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