Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?

Think back to when you first hit the publish button on your shiny new blog? Was it exciting? Terrifying? Nerve-wracking? Or was it a sigh, a final step in your ongoing journey and fascination with sharing yourself on the web?

Does it still feel the same? What have you learned? Where has this blogging journey taken you?

If you could go back and change that first blog post, would you? What would you say to the future you?

One comment on “Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?”

  1. My first post was sweet: about love, in a family. The sensation was a relief — the sense of connection. It’s like magic.

    My future posts are different: subject matter and scope of topics are different.

    We change: views of the world change; passion may change; love may wither. A blog honestly records a person’s passage of time. You look back with a bit of embarrassment, maybe, for being childish and the first immature writing, but it was a start. Hitting the publish button slowly changes everything. It changes life.

    It’s an adventure.

    You’ve been there with me, supporting me in every step. I’m embracing this brave new world. It’s been great to have you with me.

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