What Makes You Trust a Website?

Do you trust a company more because you feel like you know the people behind it personally? For many, it depends upon the size of the company. It’s easy to trust a company with less than 10 employees. You know you could meet and shake the hand of each of them. That’s familiar. Reach the 500 to 1000 mark for employees and “personal” isn’t usually your first thought. However, with the right tutoring and guide behind a corporate blog by the company president or a representative, the power to influence judgement and keep a human face on the company is very possible, proven time and time again. We didn’t refer to Microsoft as just Microsoft. We called it “Bill Gate’s company.” Same for Apple and the fear for the company after Steve Jobs’ death. A leader of the company can sometimes become more of a celebrity than the company itself.

From Prove It: What Makes You Trust a Website? « Lorelle on WordPress

What makes you trust a website? Trust is earned, but earning takes time. What can you do to your website to make it trustworthy?

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