How to Blog: Choosing a Name

Web 2.0 names have been fun with made up names like Google, Yahoo, Delicious, Facebook, etc.

Choosing your own name for yourself, your blogging character if you choose to stay anonymous, and for your site can be a challenge.

For many people, blogging under an assumed name, a pseudonym, is preferable for privacy and security reasons. There is nothing wrong, it just works best if the name sounds like a human being and not CuteChick69. The social web loves people not CB Radio handles.

Here are some name creation tools you may use to resolve both issues.

Whatever name you choose for yourself or your site, make sure it represents your intentions with the site. After all, it’s the first thing people notice, so let it speak well of both of you.

3 comments on “How to Blog: Choosing a Name”

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