Blog Without Expectation of Return

A long time ago I learned this beautiful phrase:

Give without expectation of return.

As I sit and wait for a comment, joyous at spam because it is some form of interactivity, I pause and remember that my blogging is a gift given without expectation of return.

The more I expect a return for every post, the more demanding I become in my writing. You must pay attention to me. I’ve written something wonderful. Come see it. Comment on it. Give me some feedback.

If I let go of that expectation, I write for not only those who comment, but for those who will never comment. Those that come by, find what they need, and leave joyous.

Just knowing they are out there gives me enough joy to keep blogging. I blog for them.

2 comments on “Blog Without Expectation of Return”

  1. It’s human natural to expect return. In life, and when you let go, and are free from expectation, you’re on a higher ground.

    This post reminds me of 老子 Lao Zi (Lao Tzu)’s philosophy. He has a famous saying about water — 上善若水 --the greatest kindness is like water. The second phrase is 水利万物而不争 — water benefits the universe without demanding anything back.

    This is the spirit of Tao.

    What are the properties of water? I’m not a scientist, but I believe it’s pure and soft in essence.

    Where does the water flow from and flow to? It nourishes even the darkest corners.

    My friend, your selflessness is that water.

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