How to Blog Part 15: Finding Content

How do you find something to blog about?

The art of finding content is being open to the possibilities.

The magic to finding content is asking the right questions.

Who. What. Where. When. Why. How.

Then ask…

Why not?

There are stories everywhere.

We often start out with great passion, our writing to do list a mile long.

Then the energy fades. Topics seem bland. Boring.

Hit the news. Look at the feeds and websites from around your industry. What are they saying? Anything you could comment on or recommend?

Go back to the basics. What fundamental how to or concept people should know haven’t you covered?

Where are the gaps in what you’ve presented? What have you missed?

Make a mind map and trace out the content you’ve published so far to help you find new tangents or connections.

Go for a walk.

Talk to a friend.

Do nothing and just listen to yourself. You usually have the answer.

You never know where the next post will come from.

Be open to the possibilities.

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