How to Blog Part 14: Pseudonyms, Whistle Blowers, and Anonymous

When choosing a site name you can be specific or creative. You can put your own name in the blog title or tagline, or not. You can identify yourself as the author and establish your credentials and personality through your writing, or you can stay anonymous.

Anonymous bloggers, web publishers and columnists working under an assumed name or pseudonym, have been around since before the web.

Many women published under a man’s pseudonym in order to get their works published at a time when women were considered “uneducable,” risking their lives by doing so.

Many whistle blowers have brought forward information that saved lives, businesses, and even brought down government agencies while staying anonymous.

You do not have to be transparent and visible on your blog. You can blog under another name or character. It’s up to you to hide your identify as deeply as you wish.

However, it’s important to understand that while some people appreciate anarchists and creative voices, the social web demands real people participate. Some social networks will not allow you to join unless you use a “real” name.

We’re tired of CuteChick69 and silly nicknames. We want to network with real people.

We’re suspicious of people using silly nicknames. It’s also hard work to prove your worth when you are blogging under the name Seymour Butts.

Use a real sounding name.

In How to Blog: Choosing a Name, I listed sites you can use to help you create a pseudonym or name for your site. Some of the free online generators will help you create a real sounding name.

You can make it obvious that it is a made up name or not. That’s up to you.

What is most important is that you protect yourself, your family, your reputation, and your privacy to the level you are comfortable with – and let no one tell you differently.

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