How to Blog Part 13: Choosing a Site Name

Now that some of the business of blogging is out of the way, it’s time to evaluate or re-evaluate your site’s name.

Site names run the gamut from basic such as “Sally’s Blog About Blogging” to wacky like “Floogle 3.0: Dancing the Floogle Dance.”

A site name consists of the title of the site and the site’s tagline, the explanation of the site’s purpose.

The process of adding or changing your blog title and tagline is simple. You may change it at any time.

The decision on what the site name should be is more complex.

Is your blog about you? About your thoughts, experiences, expertise, or opinions?

It is then natural to name it for yourself. You are promoting yourself, so name it after yourself.

If your blog is about a specific topic or industry, it is appropriate that it should be in the blog title, or the tagline at the very least.

With , my name is in the title as well as the subject I specialize in. It could be “Lorelle on WordPress and Blogging,” which would be just as valid.

As you go through the choices, consider the following:

  1. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make it clear within less than a split second what your site is about.
  2. Use words that are specific to your topic and industry (keywords).
  3. Do not let the limits of your site’s design impact your name choice – and let it. Maybe it should be limited in length and words.
  4. You may change the name at any time.
  5. Ask yourself if this is the right name for your site five or ten years from now.
  6. Use a name that is easily recognizable, writable, and pronounceable.

If you wish to be creative in your name choice, see In How to Blog: Choosing a Name for tips and free online tools to help you generate a name.

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