Should Your Business Have a Blog?

The question before us today is a business blog. Should your business have a blog?

In “Nobody Reads Agency Blogs – Or Why You Need Skin in the Game” by Chris Brogan, he says that no one ready agency blogs because they are boring, so why should you blog?

An agency should blog about the space it serves, in some regards, but along with that, an agency (and YOU!!!!) should blog about those things you’re passionate about. My dad is passionate about poker. My mom is passionate about proving you can do it if you try. I’m passionate about keeping “human” in the digital business channel.

Write about passion, but write it in service to others.

If you did only this, you’d get more attention, more readers, more connections via your blog. What people want is to feel lit up, to feel like you and they are on the same page, like they can run with what you’ve shared, or they can add to it, or they can bask in it and feel it.

He explains that it took him eight years to get his first 100 readers, and explains why.

They saw me transition from someone writing about myself to someone writing ideas that would equip people around me to be successful. That was the nugget. That’s when things started taking off. That’s when I realized that I could write almost every day and have something to say, because people are always noodling over some part of the problem.

Thousands of blog posts later supporting hundreds of thousands of fans, Brogan knows of what he speaks.

If you aren’t in this with all of your passion, talking about the passion, helping others find and live their passion, stop now.

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